Cambridge Hotel

The Australian Business Award for Service Excellence recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to customer service excellence.

The Cambridge Hotel Sydney is a boutique AAA rated 4-star hotel in the heart of Surry Hills. The hotel opened in 1973 and consists of 149 guest rooms and suites over 14 floors.

The Cambridge Hotel Sydney has an ongoing commitment to service excellence. This is reflected through their focus on the training and development of their human resources. The Cambridge Hotel provides continuous in-depth training to their staff, and their management team also undertakes training and team building exercises. The hotel also offers all staff the opportunity for additional training and education, including a complimentary stay to enable them to experience the hotel from a guest’s perspective.

The Cambridge Hotel’s commitment is also shown in the collection, implementation and further analysis of guest feedback. They actively encourage their guests to share their feedback through a variety of platforms. All feedback is addressed and responded to individually by managers, and then used constructively to further enhance the guest experience. By actively asking for feedback during visits, they are able to resolve matters in a more efficient and productive manner. External feedback is also collected through a multitude of sources, allowing the hotel to have an opportunity for honest conversation with guests through a more public forum. This process of collecting and implementing the feedback they receive ensures the needs of guests are met, reflecting their ongoing commitment to service excellence and achieving a high-standard of guest satisfaction.

The Cambridge Hotel also implement other strategies to ensure guest satisfaction. They invite their most loyal guests back to the hotel for a complimentary stay and a meeting to discuss ideas and possible hotel improvements. They also provide gifts for other return guests and offer a loyalty program. Their front desk always maintains multi-lingual staff members to accommodate to their international customer base and their Reservations Team always ask for any special needs during the guests stay, with requests saved in the guest’s profile.

The relationship between the hotel and their guest is of the upmost importance and the quality of this relationship is directly reflected by the quality of team and the customer service they provide. The Cambridge Hotel is being recognised for a Service Excellence award in the Australian Business Awards 2016.