Club Assist

The Australian Business Award for Service Excellence recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to customer service excellence.

In 1991, Club Assist began operation in Melbourne, Australia, determined to provide Royal Automotive Club of Victoria (RACV) members with the best battery replacement service available. Club Assist takes great pride in their reputation for service, professionalism and best-of class performance across their key service areas. Club Assist continues its commitment to people as well as protecting the interests of their partners and stakeholders, through the implementation and maintenance of a well-defined corporate governance framework.

Club Assist’s regional management teams ensure that each Club Assist region is delivering excellent service in line with the global Club Assist Vision. Their teams aspire to the highest standards of professionalism, performance and accountability. Club Assist’s success is supported by a strong set of values and a commitment to a ‘one-team’ focus that forms the basis of everyday interactions. They constantly identify emerging needs and opportunities within the ever-changing landscape of the automotive industry.

New initiatives such as the Assist2Reset and Battery Tester programs are being added to further refine Club Assist’s offerings. In order to ensure that they uphold the high levels of service expected from the motoring club brands, Club Assist have set high standards of performance measures. These are measured and shared with motoring club partners on a regular basis. A tester integrity program was also launched by Club Assist, with the aim to raise customer confidence levels with the processes and information provided in a diagnosis explanation. Club Assist utilises systems and tools to diagnose member battery faults to directly dispatch battery service. Members are provided with an automatic estimated time of arrival for their road service call and also receive real-time tracking updates. The dispatch system provides staff with all the details needed to attend and support the member to ‘get them back on the road’.

If within 48 hours of service the customer finds a like-for-like product and service, Club Assist will refund the price difference. Club Assist also launched an ‘interest free member payment plan’ for their car electrics service. By integrating customer service in the quarterly performance review process and providing employees with ongoing training and education, Club Assist staff members remain highly motivated. Club Assist recognises the need to continually reassess the effectiveness of staff by seeking employee feedback through an annual engagement survey. Club Assist also have a 24-hour hotline and recycle batteries to help protect the environment.

Club Assist is being recognised for a Service Excellence award in the Australian Business Awards 2016.