DHL Express

The Australian Business Award for Service Excellence recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to customer service excellence.

“Delivering the highest quality service is a major part of our customer experience and focus. Our Brisbane-based Australian call centre is second to none and we place our customers at the heart of everything we do.

“Our internal KPI calls for 90% of customer calls to be answered within 10 seconds and we regularly exceed this target. People use DHL Express for a fast and reliable delivery service, so we strive to ensure our customer experience also matches this promise.

“Providing world-class training and development opportunities for our team is essential and we celebrate our people and their achievements wherever possible.

“I’m proud our customer centric attitudes at DHL Express Australia have been recognised with this Australian Business Award for Service Excellence.”

Fiona Evans, Vice President Customer Service, DHL Express Australia
DHL Express are a logistics company that are not just about moving planes, trucks and packages, but are about moving businesses forward. The Customer Service Centre in Australia have a strong focus on customer service quality and aim to drive an insanely customer centric culture.

DHL have programs and measures in place at The Customer Service Centre such as their “Empowerment Program.” This program allows staff members to send flowers, a gift-card, a refund or a free of charge shipment if THEY feel the company has let the customer down. This then restores the customer’s faith in DHL and reduces escalations. They also have a ‘Being Insanely Customer Centric’ program, which is a cross-functional collaboration. It involves DHL working ‘as one’ to deliver great service quality to their customers consistently for all interactions at all touch points.

To continually drive cultural change, DHL have implemented key programs such as “We Got the Love” and “Golden Globe Awards” which recognizes any staff member who receives a compliment from customers for going above and beyond. In late 2012, DHL launched a program called ‘STTT’, where customers can go onto their website and email the CEO or Vice President of Customer Services directly. All calls in the customer service department are recorded and 10 calls are randomly selected and scored against weighted criteria for each staff member monthly. Every staff member also receives developmental goals, targets and activities on a monthly basis. DHL provides the whole department with a structured approach to customer service – so everyone is very clear on what and how things are done. Customer satisfaction results are also conducted through independent research and they also listen to customers through a program run on a daily basis – the Net Promoter Approach.

DHL consistently works on motivating their staff through training, coaching, reward and recognition programs, empowerment and communication, which engages and motivates staff to provide great service quality. DHL’s Customer Service Centre is being recognised for a Service Excellence award in the Australian Business Awards 2016.