Domestic & General

The Australian Business Award for Service Excellence recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to customer service excellence.

Domestic & General (D&G) is a specialist provider of warranty protection for domestic appliances in the UK, Europe and Australia. They ensure they are always listening to their customers, treating them as individuals and meeting their needs. As a business-to-business company, they spend considerable time with their clients to ensure that they are able to offer a suite of products and services that are suitable for their partner’s customers.

D&G’s process involves a constant flow of information and feedback from their customers through targeted feedback and marketing tools. D&G engage with customers at various stages of their journey including product sales, repairs, claims and long-term customers. D&G record data at each touchpoint to work out what they can do to improve their processes and products. They also conduct frequent customer satisfaction surveys to monitor their service quality and to help improve their products, systems and processes. D&G drives innovation through product development and customer insights garnered from research into local and global market trends, products and industry best practice. Their customer solutions are subjected to rigorous testing and review prior to release to ensure customers and partners are delivered products of the highest quality.

D&G has service level agreements and performance monitoring with all their repairer agents. Any repairer who does not achieve the standard of service may be removed from their network. The You Performance Framework is an important addition to their staff training program to make customer service values front and centre. This ensures they deliver their customer promise to be caring, fair, creative, driven and dependable experts. D&G invests in their staff and human resources initiates to ensure that their business objectives are aligned with their charter to provide the best possible customer service. They equip their people with the skills and a culture of accountability to support growth through operational excellence.

D&G strive to go above and beyond their baseline business objectives to provide expert products and repairs. They are always aiming to deliver the best possible service and most innovative products. Domestic & General is being recognised for a Service Excellence Award in the Australian Business Awards 2016.