Energetics has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Service Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Service Excellence [CSX] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to customer service excellence.

Nationally and internationally recognised for technical solutions that demonstrate insight into real-world challenges, Energetics work in partnership with clients to reduce emissions and manage the physical risks associated with a changing climate (as seen in Australia with the drought, recent bushfires and flooding events). Energetics advise companies on the complexities of energy management and the need to mitigate the risks arising from Australia’s transition to renewable energy sources. Energetics is unique because no other energy and climate consultancy can offer the range of integrated services, technical rigor, project management excellence and deep experience across all economic sectors. They provide direction to over half of Australia’s top 200 ASX companies spanning diverse economic sectors. Energetics’ reputation has led to advisory work across all levels of Australia’s governments.

Founded in 1984, Energetics has grown from offering energy audits to become Australia’s leading climate and energy management advisory firm. Over the years Energetics has provided clients with insights and strategic advice based on their ability to anticipate the changing market. When energy was cheap and abundant, Energetics recognised the underlying factors that would force upward pressure on energy prices and the subsequent need for businesses to identify energy savings measures. Similarly, Energetics understood the imperative for business to take steps towards less carbon-intensive operations, as governments, consumers and advocacy groups placed increasing pressure on companies to play a role in addressing climate change. Energetics has been able to grow through times of economic downturn when businesses typically resisted focusing on energy management and sustainability. Their experts helped clients identify short- and long-term opportunities and make the links between energy and carbon management, operational efficiency, cost reductions, risk management and new business opportunities.

While Energetics’ has traditionally drawn consultants from the engineering profession, the complex challenges for Australian businesses arising from climate change demand expertise from a range of business disciplines. Energetics are also increasingly recruiting staff who are economists, scientists, actuaries, lawyers, IT specialists and analysts, further diversifying their workforce. Energetics has Australia’s largest teams of Certified Energy Managers (CEM) with 13 practitioners, and nine qualified Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals (CMVP). These qualifications are internationally recognised and assessments by these professionals form the basis of audit requirements across a range of reporting programs. In recent years, Energetics has trained more than 175 young engineers through the Association of Energy Engineers’ (AEE) Certified Energy Managers (CEM®) course; the internationally recognised standard in energy management excellence.

In June 2008, Energetics became one of Australia’s first consulting firms to achieve carbon neutrality through the Australian Government’s Greenhouse Friendly Program. Since the 2019 reporting year, their carbon neutrality has been certified under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard. Their approach aligns with Energetics’ commitment to best practice calculation of emissions as used to assist their clients who have sought to become carbon neutral. Being a sustainability role model is one of their core business values. Energetics operates in a volatile niche market. Climate change has arguably been the most divisive political issue Australia has ever seen, creating uncertainty and therefore risks for business. The National Electricity Market (NEM) is experiencing an unprecedented transformation as ageing coal fired power stations are scheduled to close and are being replaced with a growing amount of renewable electricity (primarily wind and solar). This extraordinary transition has created market volatility, significant cost risk and supply uncertainty. Energetics offers an understanding of the risks and strategic management options. The risks include increased costs, policy and regulatory uncertainty, challenges to supply chains and assets from the changing climate, and reputational risks in the face of stakeholder scrutiny on climate response. The management options span a range of risk mitigation measures, but also include ways to capture opportunities: the products, services and solutions that keep businesses thriving and support us all as Energetics transition to new energy sources, drive greenhouse gas emissions down and find ways to adapt and support the economy. In response to the growing challenges of Australia’s changing climate, the shifting expectations of investors and regulators, and the complexities of the nation’s unprecedented energy transition from fossil fuel based sources to renewables, Energetics has evolved its services to help Australian business address their risks and identify opportunities. They help their clients move from climate change and energy management awareness to market leadership. Energetics help them innovate within their sector and achieve sustained competitive advantage.

Energetics’ key account program is the foundation of all client service activities. Established in April 2008, the program remains one of Energetics’ greatest strengths and has evolved with the changing business operating environment. Their model revolves around providing complete solutions to its key clients. Each client has a dedicated Key Account Manager (KAM) who develops specific, in-depth knowledge about the business and the sector in which they operate. The KAM is the primary point of contact for the client with Energetics. The KAM engages with Sector Leaders and Solution Leaders where appropriate, to keep a client abreast of relevant industry updates and innovation relevant to the client’s organisation.

Energetics is focussed on continuous improvement. They have multi-disciplinary teams with expertise in clients’ sectors and the ability to develop carbon and energy management solutions for complex, multi-site operations. Energetics bring clarity where data is poorly managed, responsibilities unclear and the value of proactively managing energy and emissions is neither understood nor supported. Energetics is evolving as the needs of their clients evolve. Managing the risks and opportunities associated with a business’ response to climate change and volatile energy prices, requires deep insight into the issues within a client’s sector, and the delivery of a comprehensive, leading solution. While delivering excellent service and building healthy relationships with clients is everyone’s responsibility, Key Account Managers have very specific responsibilities in their job descriptions. To deliver excellent work for clients, KAMs work closely with their Sector Leaders who drive business development and Solutions Leaders who develop innovative service offerings. Energetics’ KAMs build relationships with key clients and oversee projects to ensure value is delivered.

Quality assurance is integral to their business. All project phases from qualification of new business leads and project inception, through to completion, are subject to Energetics’ documented Project Management and Quality Assurance (PM/QA) Process. Energetics encourage client feedback through online surveys which act as a barometer for client satisfaction and focus efforts to continuously improve their service offerings and client experience. Overall Energetics receives very positive feedback from their clients when they are surveyed. The vast majority of respondents indicate they would recommend Energetics to others. Their consultants follow “The Energetics Way” a detailed project management and client engagement process which entrenches service excellence and innovation throughout the business. Energetics’ Energy Accounting team is particularly remarkable in their service model. Increasingly there are energy account reconciliation or checking platforms to automatically check scan energy bills to ensure they are correct. Their team is engaged by large corporate and industrial clients which seek services because the complexity demands tailored and expert insights that automated programs can’t provide; particularly when dealing with multiple sites across different states, electricity networks, retail agreements and tariffs. Energetics’ energy accountants demonstrate every day the value of human insight and specialist skills. Their people are developing solutions to complex problems that are not just addressing current challenges, but that ready their clients for the emerging challenges and new market opportunities into the coming decades.

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