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HOBAN Recruitment has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Service Excellence in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Service Excellence [CSX] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to customer service excellence.

HOBAN has been providing recruitment services for over 50 years across Australia. The strong growth of their business has been brought about due to their founding principles, mission and vision. This has seen HOBAN expand its service delivery across Australia with the focus being a solution orientated organisation which partners with the stakeholders (clients, candidates and internal staff) to develop lasting partnerships together. These principles see HOBAN renew its contracts through a focus on sustainable growth. HOBAN will continue to abide by these principles to lead the market through delivery of innovative solutions which truly add value to its clients’ business. HOBAN is acknowledged for the contracted and preferred supplier agreements currently held. Many of these contracts have been retained and renewed due to consistent quality and service standards. The processes and procedures are unique and HOBAN’s people are passionate about delivering solutions which have the strength and ability to support its clients for many years to come.

Although HOBAN employed people with disabilities, its understanding of recruiting and employing people with disability was limited. Any process modifications to cater to any candidate requirements were ad-hoc. Recent studies suggest that, the unemployment rate for people with disability was 10 per cent, compared to 5.3 per cent for people without disability. By modifying its systems and processes and completing recognised training would give HOBAN access to a larger pool of work ready candidates. In addition, the following benefits are achieved by gaining a thorough understanding. Initially management meetings were held internally to identify the aims, goals and outcomes HOBAN wished to achieve. It became apparent that HOBAN’s internal staff would need to undertake training on key aspects of the approach to recruiting candidates with disability.

After the formation of teams, a task list was created to outline the tasks which would need to be completed to ensure HOBAN gained accreditation. To keep each task on track, a KPI regime was drawn up detailing each aspect of the task list showing which team and by when. The KPI Regime was supported through weekly meetings to conducted by both teams reporting the to CEO. These meetings outlined progress milestones and to also discuss an overcome any impediments encountered. Recruitment Consultants adopting to the new methods around recruiting people with disability. Although each staff member undertook the DCR training, reinforcing the concepts and processes training was implemented following the initial training. Beginning the following month, each staff member attended the refresher training to reinforce the knowledge gained. HOBAN staff are the most important driver of change and the first point of contact when speaking to job seekers. Without the knowledge and engagement, the business would not have attained the accreditation or continued to support the processes with now are ingrained.

Providing meaningful accessible work to people with disability was the aim of HOBAN’s accreditation, HOBAN announced its accreditation on Social Media and the HOBAN Website. From a social media perspective, HOBAN received 1500 impression on the first day and numerous congratulations from its clients. HOBAN is a provider of recruitment services to the National Disability Insurance Agency. Without this accreditation, HOBAN wouldn’t be able to provide these services. The NDIA has proven to be a top 10 client hence the benefits of having the accreditation speak for themselves. A major benefit of being a member of Australian Network on Disability is it has opened doors to securing work within the disability sector. A major Airline approached HOBAN to provide Special Assistance Ambassadors to assist those who may need help boarding flights. This initiative has been well received by the public, travellers and Airline Staff and management. HOBAN has fully embraced its position as a known recruiter and advocate for people with disabilities. HOBAN actively promotes its association with Australian Network on Disability as the go to recruiter across a diverse range of candidates.

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